Ricky and the fake Chelle

It’s no secret that females can’t usually be trusted, but typically you can counter their manipulation by remaining distant and not allowing yourself to get too wet brain over them. Well, that’s not what happened to Ricky. He met a girl who he considered to be a “good friend” whom he trusted for a whole […]

Zoop’s run

Emulation Camp was founded by Zoop as Master System Camp on March 27, 1997. That’s over 5 years that emucamp has been online running an emulation news site. They’re nearly as old as old as zophar. Outlasting many of its long forgotten rivals like emusphere and emux (who lost their domains as victims of the […]

How about into the ‘now?

Glovebox Joe from fully clothed teensapparently has fallen victim to cynicism, and his animosity has gotten the better of him. In a recent post he lashed out at internet culture, sympathetic to those who long for the pre-AIM, pre-idiot, pre-internet, internet days. Wherever we are now on the “internet shit timeline” that an angry ex-BBS […]

Internet Radio is Dead?

Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Personally I never much cared for “internet radio” since I generally prefer video game midis to traditional music. The U.S. Copyright Office decided Thursday to charge webcasters 70 cents per song heard by 1,000 listeners, or half of what a government panel had proposed […]

Gamefaqs legend Pupitre launches internet newsletter

Well respected gamefaqs congregator, pupitre, is is now offering a new bimonthly news letter “gamecola.” Pupitre is best known for his hard hitting video game reviews and sarcastic wit. Email here That’s right, kiddies. Yours truly has embarked on a new frontier; that of the internet newsletter. GameCola: Quenching your thirst for video entertainment. Written […]