How about into the ‘now?

Glovebox Joe from fully clothed teensapparently has fallen victim to cynicism, and his animosity has gotten the better of him. In a recent post he lashed out at internet culture, sympathetic to those who long for the pre-AIM, pre-idiot, pre-internet, internet days.

Wherever we are now on the “internet shit timeline” that an angry ex-BBS user has probably created, it’s only going to get worse. When websites that offer nothing but mind-garglingly stupid buddy icons and away messages can get thousands of hits a day and create their own communities, it’s time to realize that this will be getting worse before it gets better. Worse yet, people will rememeber this, the age of Internet Gossip and advertisements, as their BBS age. They’ll remember Webpig coming all over his shirt, instead of the time that gs343 posted a bunch of beastiality pictures to a newsgroup for new mothers.

To be honest, I am starting to get a little nostalgic for some of the classic wit of camgirls like Charisma and the mostly forgotten “lipgloss assassin” from I certainly know what Glovebox Joe means when he talks about these days being remembered as great to some. I sure do look back fondly on the era in which I pretended to be <a href=""Jonathan Brandis to various random camgirls on AIM and a few less important broads I was trying to hook up with on makeoutclub.