Zoop’s run

Emulation Camp was founded by Zoop as Master System Camp on March 27,
1997. That’s over 5 years that
emucamp has been online running an emulation news site. They’re nearly as old as old as zophar. Outlasting many of its long forgotten rivals like emusphere and emux (who lost their domains as victims of the eFront icq log scandal), it now appears that the site’s 5 year run has finally come to an end. Emucamp once boasted a plethora of news staffers and personalities, many of whom have long departed the dwindling emulation scene. The site in its final form appears to have been turned over to someone named “metafox”. Who had this to say about the site’s current state:

Seems people only visit EmuCamp for the news – which, I admit, there isn’t much of nowadays – there are only 2 active staff members right now.
The forum has always been desolate – even in EmuCamp’s heyday.


and now this:

I’m afraid I have to leave EmuCamp for a while. I hate to do it, as I’ve stated many times that I love it and won’t let it die, but I have no choice.

I just got back from CA, and moved back into my home where I’ve been living for 23 years. Despite that I pay the $350 gas and electric bill, the $30 phone bill, and pay $130 a month rent, I was told by my mom that I have 2 weeks to get out.

I left for California to find a job, and couldn’t since I don’t have a degree, so I came back to get a semi-decent job and finish college. I’ve only been back for a few weeks, so I don’t have a job yet. So, I have to find an apartment, pay the requisite 1st months rent and deposit, all without any money and no job.

I’m selling everything I own and moving out as we speak. So, I won’t have a home to access the internet, when I get an apartment, I won’t be able to afford the internet connection, and I can’t afford the gas to travel back and forth to the library as I did before.

Sorry to bore you with details you most likely did not care to know, but I had to get it off my chest.

Good bye For Now,

Knowing how often cam girls and webmasters shut down their sites(or go on “hiatus”), any non-corporate site that manages to last more than 5 YEARS deserves some recognition.