with the quickness

I have 2 weeks paid vacation from my work starting today so this site might not be updated with the usual veracity, though I’ll try to add at least one juicy tidbit everyday, I would mostly prefer to just lay around drinking milk and eating bananas and watching some john wayne movies.

Music Labels Plant Online Decoys

It’s not enough that you have to deal with viruses, broken downloads, and those annoying yellow links (if you use kazaa), now the greedy “music” industry is planting “decoys” on free peer-to-peer services like Morpheus and considering lawsuits against individuals who swap files. Basically the record labels will upload fake files that won’t work and […]

The Return of Palses Forums

Out of nowhere, Amanda</a decided to bring back the once popular palses community. Actually glovebox joe managed to convince her, but it was still rather unexpected. Welcome to the Palses Board Thing! For like, a year, the Palses Board was the coolest thing ever, but it kept getting hacked and breaking so after using a […]