Cici’s mysterious dream

Well, I had a dream that I was like a witch or something, and had connections to an alien planet, and then one day some of the aliens came. They were small and had a head and like thin arms and legs, and only one eye, and I put one in a plastic bag and tried to suffocate it, but I felt bad and let it out. Then I became friends with it…oh and it used its super powers to fix my teeth and make them perfect. My dad didn’t believe me when I told him who did it. Then, me and family friends, the Franksmans, all went out to lunch, and apparently the waitress was like our enemy and found out that I was a witch (or whatever..) and wanted to kill the whole group of people. Super. Then my sister became invisible to walk across the street – and reappeared at the other side. I was like “Look Dad!” but the idiot didn’t turn to see anything. Then the waitress/enemy took my sister behind these curtain things, I think she killed her. I was trying to tell the rest of my family/friends we needed to get out of there but all they did was keep eating their fucking food.

Well we deciphered the dream for Cici as a favor. I’m qualified to do that because i’m going to take psychology classes via correspondence college. Basically the dream illustrates that she doesn’t have a good relationship with her father and her family doesn’t pay attention to her. Also she’s concerned about her sister’s well being since she might be getting into some trouble. Lastly, Cici is worried about her/her family’s weight problem.