Deadly is the female. Nothing deadlier is known to man

There’s totally a rogue mosquito on the loose in my house. It’s been biting the shit out of me and driving me crazy. I see her flying around periodically, but can’t seem to catch the bastard. I’ve been dealing with this pesky mosquito for days. It’s very elusive and always bites me just when I’m […]

21st century misogyny

Memorable Facebook comment exchange I had with a girl today… B.A. : Sometimes I’m glad that I don’t have a girlfriend and don’t have to try to decipher ambiguous “feelings” status updates or read passive aggressive complaints about my behavior on a daily basis. K.A.M : Why doesn’t this status say ” I’m ALWAYS glad […]

Rubbish Heap

I hate Skaters. Skateboarders are the dumb jocks of the 21st century. I was a skateboarder from roughly 1990-1999, an era which included some of the best and worst years of my life(1990, 1993, 1997 being the good ones.) My first real board was a Blind, Jason Lee model…the one with the grinch on it. […]

I hate HD

I hate HD. I’m sorry, but I don’t need to see people’s faces in that much detail. People looked much more attractive when they were grainy and fuzzy. If I want to see people that clearly, I can go into a fluorescent lit Safeway bathroom. Seriously what makes people think every technological advancement in photography […]

Tony Curtis, RIP.

A fellow man who preferred oysters to snails, Tony Curtis died yesterday. He was one of my favorite actors and definitely influenced me both artistically and personality wise. He’s probably most famous for “Some Like It Hot,” but that’s not one of my faves…and I’m not even sure I’ve seen it in it’s entirety. However, […]