“I don’t sleep. I hate those little slices of death.”

So busy lately. I just play my acoustic guitar for hours a day and then basketball with JS. I’m really sore, and my ankle is so janky right now that I basically hobble as opposed to walk.

Last night I went to Mikey Jackson’s birthday which was great, but I didn’t end up staying that long cause I had plans to meet Jonathan. In retrospect though I wish I would have stayed longer because when I got to Tempe it was kind of a bust.

Today was the first full day that I really got to relax in a while. I spent my morning eating grape nuts and watching “Journey to the Center of the Earth”(1959 version.) James Mason is so great. Can someone please tell me why he’s not president? Oh yeah I suppose it’s because he died in 1984, and also the fact that he was born in England would have disqualified him.

Well, why does man freeze to death trying to reach the North Pole? Why does man suffer the steaming heat of the Amazon? Why does he stagger his mind with the mathematics of the sky? Once a question mark has arisen in the human brain, the answer must be found if it takes a thousand years. Render that into a few Icelandic words!

Can you imagine anyone saying something like that today? They would be run right out of town for failure to apologize for and denigrate the intellectual achievements of the human race. Why would we waste time and money on advancing civilization, exploring other worlds and understanding the universe when there are children starving in Africa and we have gadgets to play with and everything we need right here?

Ah, I’m living in the wrong time. If it seems like I’m a traitor to my generation(and the one above mine,) it’s because I am.

I’ve always been intrigued by the hollow earth theory ever since I read the HET themed Choose Your Own Adventure book “Underground Kingdom” by Edward Packard as a child. I still own a copy of the book and read it frequently. “At the Earth’s Core”(1976) is another hollow earth film I’m fond of, starring Doug Mcclure, who was the father of “Tane Mcclure”(who was in Scorned 2 and a host of other direct to video 90’s erotic thrillers.) Anyway, I don’t believe in any of this hollow earth business(I was skeptical even as a child.) An interior sun? Yeaaaah, sure…. but as many forms of pseudoscience and science fiction these ideas and stories spark curiosity and set fire to the imaginations of people which then lead to other discoveries being made. It’s also cool to think that possibly there could be giant prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs in some deep cavern underground that managed to be shielded from the ice age and other forces of extinction. Who knows? There’s all sorts of enormous beasts lurking at the bottom of the sea. What in Earth lies 1000 miles beneath the ocean floor? Menacing reptiles? Woolly Mammoths? Primitive cave people? Maybe it’s just rock and dirt.