The authentic cool of the elders

Old people are just naturally cool. They give off that uninterested vibe that they’ve seen it all, been there done that, mostly because they have(or are simply too exhausted by what they have seen to show much enthusiasm for whatever trivial stupid thing you’re trying to show them.) They don’t get too passionate because they […]

If the dog wouldn’t have stopped to shit he would’ve caught the rabbit

So lately when go I jogging at night I keep almost getting attacked by vicious dogs. There is one particular Arcadia street which I prefer to jog through because of the lovely 60’s era tri-level houses, and because there are unlikely to be gangsters, trashy people drinking in their front yards or any other riff […]

Acceptance is the Cure

Acceptance is the Cure I just want someone to accept me for who I am- “But you don’t even accept yourself for who you are!” I accept myself for being someone who can’t accept who they are. So I guess I’m looking for an exception, someone who accepts me for being someone who accepts themselves […]

cockpit of despair

Flight From The Senses by Brandon Adamson Putting on the invisible disguise in an effort to evade untimely demise it’s off to navigate the maze of the skies without a wingman, minus a stewardess, and the crash lessons of the last as the only guide, such is the flight experience on the airline of the […]

Time Machine Daydream

Dawn Batson dredged up this photo of me at Harlowe’s from when she came to visit in December of 2006.When I see it, all I can think is “such innocent times.” Dreary to see a photo like this really. I feel like I need to time travel back there to my diet depsi drinking, cream […]

the coin of the realm

“That’ll be 8.02” (I hand the girl at the counter a $10 bill and she starts to count out 1.98 in change) “You’re not really going to give me 98 cents change are you?” Normally I pay for everything with my debit card, but at certain places I only pay cash because I don’t necessarily […]

The Virtues of Being a Number

People just don’t seem to understand the name Brandon. By that I mean they literally never can get it right when they hear it. Anytime I go anywhere or do anything where some stranger feels the need to ask me my name and I say “Brandon”….they always come back and mistake it for some other […]