The authentic cool of the elders

Old people are just naturally cool. They give off that uninterested vibe that they’ve seen it all, been there done that, mostly because they have(or are simply too exhausted by what they have seen to show much enthusiasm for whatever trivial stupid thing you’re trying to show them.) They don’t get too passionate because they realize it’s pointless to care or try to make a difference, that life’s too short and there are better things to do with what little time one has. They sometimes don’t respond or pay attention when you talk to them because they either don’t give a shit or can’t hear you. They don’t act very nervous because they don’t feel they have much to lose at this point. They are tired and take frequent naps in a hammock or some such relaxing contraption. They most likely have faced death many times, undergone multiple procedures, been diagnosed with various serious ailments, so they face it all with calm, contemplative composure. They move more slowly and are generally laid back, but are quick witted and charming. When they do show emotion it is usually genuine and appropriate. On the inside there may still be a frightened, wounded child, nervous wreck or sad sack of a soul just the same as that which idles deep in the internal components of your average hot rodding teenager. The difference is that most young people can only try to act cool or look cool. Old people just naturally are cool.

He is a young man,
and young men are passionate.
They must say their say.
But wiser people must decide.
I know you are right.

-from Lawrence of Arabia