I hate HD

I hate HD. I’m sorry, but I don’t need to see people’s faces in that much detail. People looked much more attractive when they were grainy and fuzzy. If I want to see people that clearly, I can go into a fluorescent lit Safeway bathroom. Seriously what makes people think every technological advancement in photography is going to automatically translate to something more aesthetically pleasing? Does someone you’ve slept with look more appealing the next morning in broad daylight and no makeup on? Rarely I suppose, but that’s only in instances when you’ve been blinded by the effects of falling madly in love with them. When you watch HD you are looking at what you once thought were attractive people, only in a very unflattering light. People look good on film, 70mm 35 mm 16mm super 8, hell even the now defunct Polaroid film was more easy on the eyes( and we’ve all taken and destroyed a bad Polaroid.) People even can look okay on shitty 70’s or 80’s videotape(though its not my personal preference, at least for pornography…for sporting events and newscasts though it was just fine.) Somehow, some folks manage to still look like terrific beauties even in HD format, although it’s little creepy seeing the glaze of their eyes and the subtleties of every mouth movement.
More power to them, in fact we should probably fear them as they will be the ones in power if the presidential elections as depicted in book Fahrenheit 451 are any premonition(they’ve already come to pass.) Anyhow, even these high-def-genic genetic wonders of the world would still look better with a little less definition. The bottom line though is that HD does nothing to enhance the viewing experience regardless of it being a remarkable technical achievement.