Music Labels Plant Online Decoys

It’s not enough that you have to deal with viruses, broken downloads, and those annoying yellow links (if you use kazaa), now
the greedy “music” industry is planting “decoys” on free peer-to-peer services like Morpheus and considering lawsuits against individuals who swap files.
Basically the record labels will upload fake files that won’t work and lower the overall qulity of the database.
Additionally, the RIAA, is considering taking a new tack by suing individuals who use the services, rather than the companies that host them.
“They’re talking about suing individual users. It’s one of many options to stop declining sales, but they haven’t agreed yet whether to go forward or not,” said a record executive.

I don’t use these services since i don’t burn cds and mostly only listen to super nintendo midis when i’m online, nevertheless it’s doubtful this will work since users continue to find new ways to get music for free on the web.