A Thief in the Night

Well earlier today I was reading a rival’s site, “internet gossip” when I noticed one of the articles was written by me.It was marked “reader submission”, which was astonishing considering the fact that I certainly hadn’t submitted anything. In fact, the only time I’ve ever written an article for IG was about a rift between Charisma and Nay which was ages ago, and not only did i not get credit for it, but Dr. T rewrote the article and (naturally) altered it to give it a pro-nay stance.

Anyhow, after perusing through the text, sure enough it turned out they had blatantly plagiarized one of my articles directly off this site, word for word. I contacted them regarding this, and they were of course impolite, and unapologetic and also remarkably clueless regarding what constitutes plagiarism.

Anyhow, I have always envisioned (and still do) this site to be a tasteful gossip site, in lieu of tacky deviations like “jail bait of the week” or “worst tits on the net” (and other leftover 1990’s Springer era humor). We don’t need that kind of mtv.