Ricky and the fake Chelle

It’s no secret that females can’t usually be trusted, but typically you can counter their manipulation by remaining distant and not allowing yourself to get too wet brain over them. Well, that’s not what happened to Ricky. He met a girl who he considered to be a “good friend” whom he trusted for a whole year until he discovered he’d been deceived. Here’s the story of Ricky and the fake chelle:

Okay.. so about 1 year ago I met this girl in AOL chats. We talked for a bit, finally she got a picture. She sent me them. Guess who it was.. yep.. a pic of Chelle.. but I had no clue that it was fake. Looked so real. I’d ask her for a pic of her waking up, and she’d send me one.. I had no reason to think it was fake. So about 1 year passes, and we get extremely close. I called her EVERY morning before school.. we talked for hours..everything. I had plans to go to Ohio to meet her *I live in DC area*.. and have fun with her. I actually liked her, a lot, she rocked..

So a little time passes by, about 10months or so .. *few months ago*.. and I’m looking at a Faker’s website.. and I see a picture of Cierrah.. the girl who was using Chelle’s pic’s for a year.. and I’m stunned. I’m thinking..holy shit, this can’t me. Cierrah has to be the real one.. I look into it more, and I finally find out she’s fake. I looked everywhere for the real one.. so finally by chance I asked a good friend, Jenn, (facethejury.com: LatinaFlava) if she knew the real one, since she’s good with fakers.. and she goes.. “Yeah! http://web.archive.org/web/20021013023230/http://chellecam.com/“… so here I am now. Finally found the real Chelle.

Crazy as it sounds.. but it’s so weird now. I met a girl, got so close to her, unbelieveablely close to her for 1 year..then found out she’s fake. Broke me up inside.. heh. Anyways, Chelle if you read this.. just thought you should know..and I’d like to get to know the REAL Chelle.. so hopefully we’ll talk a little bit. Thats my story.. *sighs*