Michelle: “I want to Netmeet Cici Naked”

The friendly and really cute camgirl Michelle<(formerly of neon-pop.net and end-game.net) and her best friend Ciciare sharing the domain p1nk.net/

There’s a rumor floating around however, that Michelle would like to share a little more with Cici. Apparently the attractive and likeable Michelle has been trying convince Cici to go on netmeet with her, but Cici has so far been reluctant to accept. It’s not surprising that Cici has so far refused, since even though she is pretty and inadvertantly charming, the girl is known to be occasionally coldhearted and snarky. Michelle seems fairly confident though that she’ll get what she wants in the long run.

We here at onlinedailynews can’t honestly say that we support these two camgirls netmeeting because it sounds too pervy and might have a negative impact on their friendship.

It’s also possible these rumors are unfounded and were started by Michelle just to give the evening a little bit of flare, so keep checking in periodically over the next few weeks as details of this this story continue to unfold.