Chelle’s new haircut makes three

The ginger cam girlChellehas a new hairstyle:
the front and back layers are exactly what i wanted. She thinned my hair out in the backtoo so it doesn’t weigh me down (long hair+summertime=hell!!) My sister and I promised to promote the hell outta her, so if you live in Maryland and need the best cut ever go to KYLIE in BETHESDA, MD @ the 33 WEST SALON!!!!

Well, personally I think Chelle looks fabulous. That particular photo however gives off the unique appearance of a sort of “Asian Olsen twin” phenomenon, doesn’t it?I’m actually a little embarrased that I know who the Olsen twins are. Really, to my generation they are just the little “girl” from “Full House”, that conjures up memories of the era when the market was saturated with the likes of Bob Saget and such long forgotten shows as “Get a Life” and “Herman’s Head”.

Anyhow I shouldn’t know who the Olsen twins are, but I do because I would watch “Zoog” disney all day on my friend’s couch in hollywood entranced in the nostalgia of “Growing Pains” and “Boy Meets World” reruns, while enduring the merciless bombardment of advertising for Mary Kate and Ashley’s endless disney specials.

Back to Chelle’s haircut, it honestly looks exactly the same. I can’t really tell much difference. Why is Chelle’s haircut news? Well, whenever i read the newspaper there’s a little something in there about Rachel Leigh Cook or Nay or whoever’s latest new style so its only natural that we would periodically carry that kind of crap being a tabloid and all. Not to mention when you link to a cam girl with something that’s somewhat derogatory about her, there’s a slight chance she’ll send you some traffic, provided you maintained a delicate balance and didn’t offend her enough so that she won’t link your site just to spite you.