Once, Twice, Three Times, I’d put a baby in Lady Gaga

Something amazing happened a couple of weeks ago while I was in Las Vegas for the CES show. As I was lying in my hotel room one night watching tv at the mid-tier “Flamingo” establishment located on the strip, somewhere deep in my mind I began to of all things… develop a bizarre crush. It […]

a camgirl on current affairs

A rising star among cam girls and a gorgeous conglomeration of ethnicity, Teresa is also very opinionated on some of today’s most “controversial”(to some people i guess) issues: smoking: It’s addictive and it kills. It’s not “cool” anymore. I personally, find it disgusting. If you’ve ever kissed someone who’s just been smoking, or someone who […]

Nay gets a Tattoo

Perhaps the most famous and controversial cam girl on the internet,(or at least in the top 5)Nay(or as she now prefers to be called, Renee) has long been the epitome of the dysfunctional suburban teenage girl. An attractive nice girl, yet a high school dropout with too much makeup and excessive emotional baggage and carry […]