Ruca creates unprecedented “suntan journal”

The vulgar yet well read Ruca of Rucacam has decided to create a “suntanning journal” complete with a color coded tan-o-meter.

Well because I am the gayest of the gay, I have decided to create a journal of my ULTIMATE SUNTAN. I will not stop until I look like IMAN (maybe then bowie will want me).

The “actual” journal apparently starts at day 3 for some reason instead of day 1, and the entry includes too many profanities to be posted here.

Personally, I never knew that Bowie had an affinity for the tanning type of broads. Aren’t most brits pale anyway? Anyhow I’m pretty sure this is a bad idea since Ruca has fair skin and will just get sunburnt and appear to have aged more rapidly. I’m a creature of the night myself, and i know one when i see one.