Chelle’s wishlist woes

Yeah, I know we just did an article on Chelle’s, haircut a few days ago, but it appears now she may not receive the gifts some pervy guys bought for her due to no fault of her own.

I got rid of my felicite wishlist. I can’t believe them. Their site fucked up and let someone into my account now they freeze my account and try to tell me they’re investigating on who’s the real owner of the account??? I started it under the email address I use to contact them, and they still have the nerve to say that? I’m pissed >:( . I just told them to ship out my gifts (because they haven’t yet, they always take like 5 years to do it) to the original address and I’d be done with ’em. No more of that :/.

Well I can imagine what kind of priceless items must have been on her felicite wishlist, actually no i can’t since I’m pretty out of touch living in my own SNES RPG fantasy world and all. Probably just some revealing summer dresses made of cheap material and assorted lemon scented hypoallergenic lotions and creams. Anyhow, Chelle really need any wishlist at this point. She should be moving on to bigger and better things like chrono trigger, non-union commercial acting, and hanging out with misogynists.

Update: Felicite responds, with Chelle being denied the gifts the pervs bought her.
Felicite, you motherfuckers.


So it looks like after 4 months of having this wishlist they ‘decide’ to close down my account and ever other webmasters account. They bank off of overcharging the buyer for shipping, you all are fucking scammers, and why do we get the gifts like months later? Shit, with what you charge we should be getting next day service. I’m very sorry to anyone who has purchased me something, if you were one of those people please email felicite and demand them to either refund you or ship the gift out to me.

I for one never knew chelle was capable of that sort of machismo. I’m confident she’ll get the gifts, as thank god she should.

Anyhow, apparently the same thing happened to Nay but she posted it in such a vile manner that it’s not suitable to be examined here by those of us trying to remain pure.