The Summer That Never Was

Summer is nearly upon us, as the sun hangs above ever longer with each turn of the Earth…and yet still these are dark days. Absent is the optimism, the excitement, and the anticipation that preceded all previous summers, even those awful ones which each fell victim to their unique curses. I guess it is something […]

Amidst a Misogynist

Amidst a Misogynist Brandon Adamson In the thick of the mix of the blitz of awe and beauty of beauties, we have it would seem a misogynist amidst. Every red blooded man has one, somewhere, perhaps within reason and his ability to do so… a sense of hopelessness tendency toward bitterness over the missed and […]

sunday always comes too late

Sunday was an amazing day. Went to Buffalo Exchange in the morning, and Nelly was working so I ended up talking to her for a long time like about pizza and stuff like that. Anyway so then I hung around Tempe and did some shopping without buying anything. I went home, and took a bunch […]