sunday always comes too late

Sunday was an amazing day. Went to Buffalo Exchange in the morning, and Nelly was working so I ended up talking to her for a long time like about pizza and stuff like that.

Anyway so then I hung around Tempe and did some shopping without buying anything. I went home, and took a bunch of random self portraits, cause I do that from time to time. In the name of lost causes and miracles on ice, I put together a mail package for the historical record. Then I got bored so I decided to go back to Tempe, and I was out walking on 44th street, and I hear someone yell “BRANDON!” and then I turn to look, and who is it? It’s the stripper girl, but I guess I can’t call her that anymore cause we’re full blown friends now, but I can’t really use her name, because nobody knows she’s a dancer but me and it’s a big secret.
Anyway, She asks me if I need a ride, and I told her yes. When I got inside her car she was wearing like a shawl, with nothing underneath, no bra or underwear or anything. Just a shawl and some tennis shoes. and we talked about how we’re cosmically connected because we’ve run into each other everywhere, and our lives just keep crossing paths over the years. I mean that’s such an LA way to think. It’s almost like those healing crystals or macrobiotics and that sort of BS that nutty people buy into. But I mean, it really feels like even if I went to Canada or something I would somehow run into this girl. She’s like “Where do you want to get dropped off?”, and I said “Mill and University”, and then she was like “do you mind if I tag a long with you for a while?” and I was like “uhhh sure”. So out of nowhere I had a partner in crime. We went to her house and it was a really great studio with vaulted ceilings and a pleasant ambience, and she told me she was dating this one guy who’s just normal, and this then this other rich older guy, and I was like “uhhh so wait you’re dating two guys at the same time?”, but she had some way of rationalizing it that kind of made sense. We walked to the Bamboo Lounge and I ate some crab wontons and she drank a bunch of martinis, and we told each other really dark and horrible secrets.

Then we went back to her house, and talked for a while. She asked me if she could slap me in the face cause she likes doing that to boys so I let her, and she hit me pretty hard and It didn’t really do anything for me so I guess I’ll never be one of those masochist guys. She wanted me to slap her, but I just couldn’t do it. Maybe if it were another girl, but not her. She had a hula hoop, and so we started hula hooping and she was really impressed by how well I could hula hoop. We talked for a while, and I left. Then at like 12 or 1 in the morning she called me a couple times and wanted me to go with her to Casey Moore’s, but I was dead tired from waking up at the “ass crack of 8:30” sunday morning, and I had to work today, but I considered…

She really is a great friend. She says that she kind of latched on to me because I remind her of LA and of home. And I understand because I know what it’s like. She said she used to see me around and tell people, “See that boy, I’m going to be friends with him.” And she is.