Nay gets a Tattoo

Perhaps the most famous and controversial cam girl on the internet,(or at least in the top 5)Nay(or as she now prefers to be called, Renee) has long been the epitome of the dysfunctional suburban teenage girl. An attractive nice girl, yet a high school dropout with too much makeup and excessive emotional baggage and carry ons. It has always been hypothesized that she’d end up at the most, a stripper or teen pregnancy statistic. Well now taken a new step forward in that direction and at just 15 has gotten a tattoo.

Ok, so I got it done. I went and got a tattoo. That deffinately hurt a lot more than I had expected. It below my bellybutton to the left. It felt like a million little bees stinging me. The outline “deffinately” hurt a lot more than the actual coloring though. I was holding on to Shelly’s hand oh-so-tight.

This girl is 15 years old and wants to be 30. Personally, I’d trade anything for those days in 6th grade when a rented video game and some microwave popcorn was the ideal Friday night. If I had the money i’d live in a nice humid house and sit at home and play chrono trigger all day and drink diet pepsi.

Nay’s 15 and she has a tattoo. Soon she’ll be making babies and voting. Hopefully her kids will rebel and “break the seal”.