Sianews rides out the storm

Conservative website sianews was once a rising star among conservative news portals. It boasted around twelve original columnists and had a loyal and determined webmaster. However,interest in the site deteriorated as the forums were quickly overrun with racist wackos from usenet, and was never able to recover, or even get rid of the bastards for good.The site never really was successful; we opened about a year ago with an average of 300-400 hits per day. That was the highest we ever got – we’ve been in a downward slide to our current 40 per day ever since despite a huge increase in demand for news. This alone explains why the columnists have no interest in posting their work – it’s getting no exposure.

Justin, the webmaster offered up this grim explanation of the situation at sianews:


I still feel this forum has potential – it has a clean, slim design. No registration required, no annoying advertisements, no moderation. In my opinion, this should be one of the most successful news forums on the site – but it’s not.

For the record, I blame this solely on the KKK members that hang out here. Sianews was labeled a “race hatred center” since day one. I’ve been personally attacked on countless newsgroups despite not even remotely sharing in this feeling. However, I will not renege on my pledge of free speech – that’s what this forum is all about.

We hope that justin will regain confidence in himself and try to save his site.