Webpig Lives…and owns camlives

Webpig, owner of the popular tabloid internet gossip, claims to have started up the site camlives.com that for months has been bashing him and Dr. T along with revealing personal information about them. The site had become a haven for Webpig and Dr. T haters to congregate and badmouth him. However, it now appears Webpig created the site himself under the name “JC”, and that it’s just another internet gossip publicity stunt. It’s hard to believe anyone could fall for something like that, after all, Webpig has made up stories about himself being fired, taking pictures of Robotskull Samn’s house, and the identity of writer Damian Karras. Nonetheless, everyone seems to have been taken in once again, including yours truly. Apparently this plot was so secret even Dr. T did not have knowledge of it. Looking back at some of the topics on Camlives, such as the thinly veiled criticisms of the once great validate this and a witty article on camgirls “leaving the internet”(a classic IG trademark story), it’s obvious now that they were written by Webpig. Now that he has chosen to expose that he actually created a rival site dedicated to bashing him, what will they think of next?

We here at onlinedailynews have tried to stay clear of IG for the most part due to the fact that webpig was cunning and relentless and Dr. T being a claims investigator could dig up dirt on anyone.In a side note, one of the reasons I decided not to have user comments on this site was due to all the bastards that post on IG’s comments board giving the writers so much crap. Who knows though, maybe with camlives gone, we could give webpig some friendly competetion, but would it be worth putting up with his shenanigans? Perhaps we’re better off just sticking to our own brand of “passive” tabloid journalism rather than actively participating in the stories.