Maren Jensen Rumors

“One of the great hollywood mysteries of the last 20 years is whatever happened to former battlestar galactica starMaren Jensen. After the series cancelled she appeared as the lead in a couple of thrillers including Wes Craven’s “Deadly Blessing”(where she was better looking than Sharon Stone). As one of the most gorgeous actresses in ever, she seemed poised for hollywood greatness. Then, she just dropped off the face of the Earth. Lots of people have quite the business for various reasons such as starting a family etc., but few have simply vanished completely.

So what in the world happened to her?
She and former Eagle Don Henley were an item for several years in the
early-mid eighties. He apparently dedicated an entire record to her, and took care of her while she was sick with a chronic fatigue illness. She also composed the intro and interlude for “A Month of Sundays” from his “Building the Perfect Beast” album.

After her relationship with Henley ended things get really murky.
She supposedly opened a boutique in Brentwood, which also went down the tubes, then tried to put out her own line of cosmetics (with Anthony Edwards’ wife, Jenine Lobell, who successfully is marketing her stuff through Barney’s), then running off with some Italian in the process. She dumped an Australian comedian possibly because he wasn’t making it in the business.

In recent interviews, Don Henley claims that Maren married and just had a baby. He helped her with a beauty company she started which recently sold to Estee Lauder and is, according to Don, “…set for life”.

The darkest rumor of course she is in jail in Hawaii for the attempted murder of a boyfriend/fiancee. One of the other Cast Members at on of the conventions supposedly confirmed this off-the-record.

The official battlestar galactica website prefers to stay clear of the controversy regarding Maren and claims “it is up to Maren to address any of these rumors and we wish her well in whatever she’s doing.”


  • Maren Jensen is alive and well and living in NYC with a beautiful baby girl. She married one of the most pretenious a**holes that i’ve ever met – Johan Kugelberg. This clown is a known con man / bootlegger . One day I can only hope she wakes up to his bs and leaves this clown !

  • all rumors aside…maren has a very good life, she got married, she has a daughter and lives in brooklyn/nyc…maren has been involved with numerous successful business ventures (one involves estee lauder)….she holds a patent…in 2003 she (along with other women in their 40s) posed for playboy…the project was cancelled and the photos were never released publiclsultimate;y

  • I love Maren. She was tuff and worked out all the time. That wacky Hawaiian ” attempted murder” rumour is obviously way off. She would have been successful at anything she did attempted! 🙂

  • maren has been very successful…straight ‘A’ student in high school, went to u.c.l.a. on a scholarship, model, tv actress, movie actress, was engaged to don henley (very big name in rock music) maren is an entrepeneur (numerous very successful business ventures) she is a wife, mother , an inventor…she has a ‘patent pending’ for a product that she thought of…that has huge potential commercial may get mass produced…the list could go on and on…maren is an amazing woman, who is living an intresting and fulfilling life…

  • They say that only the most beautiful women in the world can play Athena in movies and T.V. and certainly Maren Jensen is one of them.

  • the gentleman who is married to maren…is more fortunate, then the fellow who won 338 million dollars recently…one of those multi-state lotteries i believe

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