Mysterious car in camgirl’s driveway

The mildly attractive yet philistine cam girl Cici ( discovered that an unknown vehicle was parked in her driveway today leading her mother to contact the authorities.

kewl! I’m away because there’s a random car parked in my driveway and my mom is calling the police. how awesome (not). ;D ;D ;D byeeeeeeeee

At this point it is unclear whether or not it is just a dangerous perv or merely someone who’s fed up with the outrageously difficult task of finding a parking spot in California without getting a ticket. If that’s the case I can’t say I blame him. I once got my car towed in West Hollywood and had to pay over $800 in frivelous parking tickets (not having my wheels turned the right way etc) to get it released. I actually had to sell the damn car to a random korean guy just to get enough money to get it out of the towing yard and still have enough for a month’s rent and a chicken burrito from “Poquito Mas”.

Anyway, Cici is alright and whoever parked in her driveway should probably be locked up at least temporarily. I conducted a brief interview with Cici to get learn a few more details.

cici gets naked: well, it’s like silver-blue colored sedan
cici gets naked: and at about 6, my mom told me there was a car parked outside, and she wondered if it belonged to any of my friends.. which it didn’t (i didn’t even have to call to ask)..
cici gets naked: it has no liscense plate
brandon adamson: did you think it might be some creepy guy stalking you
cici gets naked: yeah that was my first insentive… but soon i was wondering if someone had like, a dead body in the trunk and decided to park it in my driveway… or it could just be a stray car they decided to get rid of @ my house.
brandon adamson: like a stolen car?
cici gets naked: i dunno who would steal it, it’s a crap car
brandon adamson: what did the police do?
cici gets naked: nothing yet.
brandon adamson: well has anything strange happened in the last few days like pervy guys calling you
cici gets naked: no.. sometimes we get like, hangups, but i’m not gonna assume that means anything.. cause everyone gets those
brandon adamson: i don’t get them
cici gets naked: okay, well, I’m just not going to say that mine are a “special case”.
brandon adamson: well what about an exboyfriend? who are your enemies?
cici gets naked: i don’t have enemies!!
cici gets naked: I have no clue who the fuck it is.
cici gets naked: well, unless they find a body or drugs or some shit in the car, I’ll just assume it’s from some random person that thought he could park his old dump in our driveway.
brandon adamson: so you haven’t looked in it
cici gets naked: the windows are tinted, but i don’t want to go outside and look in the car… what kind of idiot would do that
brandon adamson: you must have some. you’ve got the personality of someone with a lot of enemies
cici gets naked: this might surprise you – I’m a nice girl offline.
brandon adamson: now that would be a good story