Just say later to Gator

It’s no secret that everyone hates popup ads, (unless your the one making money off them). I used to run an mp3 site that had an exit console, but i was getting $15 cpm. I have a bunch of other sites i run popupads on also, but never on a site that i actually care about (unless it was getting 30000 hits a day in which case i couldn’t resist cause i’m a right wing capitalist guahahah).

A group of publishers this week sued the Gator online advertising network in a bid to bar the company from serving pop-up ads on their Web sites without their permission.

Gator develops software that manages passwords and fills out forms for about 10 million Web surfers, who often download the application unwittingly through other popular file-sharing programs. Also bundled in Gator’s software is a program called OfferCompanion, which monitors Web surfing behavior and delivers targeted pop-up ads to viewers. For example, a Web surfer may see an advertisement for Ford Motor–delivered by Gator–while visiting Toyota.com.

This is a lot like kazaa’s famous “yellow links”. Basically, if you download the program it lauches a hidden application that show’s gator’s ads on websites instead of the ones the webmaster intended. Real classy. It must be great fun to have to explain to visitors who email you complaining that your site now has popups, when it doesn’t. Maybe we here at onlinedailynews should create a program that places a link to our site on Nay’s page replacing one of her fake links to porn.