late night convo with hahajoe

kidkooool: hey joe
Qpuzzle: hi cool bro i just get home
kidkooool: DUI
kidkooool: ?
Qpuzzle: no, i walked home
kidkooool: cool must have drank though
Qpuzzle: got my best ime so far in my life
Qpuzzle: and confidently look forward
kidkooool: get married?
kidkooool: sell toysrsex?
kidkooool: or just have a good time
Qpuzzle: kidcool, niceto see you on net, are you a real people or a roba made by micro soft?
Qpuzzle: no, i got a very good drunk
kidkooool: you must be smashed
Qpuzzle: best ever, and i am glad to share it with you
Qpuzzle: thers must be a good reson for all this shit
Qpuzzle: i mean happy shit
kidkooool: i won a good name today
Qpuzzle: dude, i saw that,, well too bad it’s not a .cc
Qpuzzle: but cgres
kidkooool: what were you drinking
kidkooool: scotch?
Qpuzzle: budwiser, and some left stuff on tghe table
kidkooool: bwahaha
Qpuzzle: i drink anything that uican grabe wheni am getting there
Qpuzzle: and make some typos you know
Qpuzzle: kidcool you must to post this IM on dnf so we will be famous
Qpuzzle: this morning
kidkooool: no thanks
Qpuzzle: my God, nice tp see you right at tiis moment
Qpuzzle: thamls God
Qpuzzle: wait, cam i ask a big favor fromyou?
kidkooool: depends
Qpuzzle: i made a page of Faq for my casino refund site, will you please help me to correct the grammar or review it and make itlooks better?o
kidkooool: sure
Qpuzzle: c ool thanks, what’s your email name?
kidkooool: just put it on your site
kidkooool: so i can view it
Qpuzzle: wow , i read it again and i like it
Qpuzzle: how much they say the is worth?
kidkooool: there was a poll
Qpuzzle: i’ll vote more than 5k
Qpuzzle: you see, orange is my favor color
Qpuzzle: trade bob with his cool
Qpuzzle: if he adds 2000 dn bulks
Qpuzzle: shit, i kind of miss gregr, he got a cool name, xxxflash something
Qpuzzle: heshould be pride of that he owns dnf, and he should buys don a dring ant time
Qpuzzle: a drink
Qpuzzle: are you envy my drunkness?
kidkooool: no
kidkooool: just reading
Qpuzzle: why not? can you see i am having great time?
kidkooool: so am i
Qpuzzle: are you really my friend?
kidkooool: yes
Qpuzzle: cool thanks, i be therer when ever i can for you
Qpuzzle: well, when i was mad, i did try to rep that check card from you, but honest to God, even i got it, iu/ll give it beck to you
kidkooool: good thing i changed the pass right away
Qpuzzle: see, everyone is got a moment of weeknedd once a while
Qpuzzle: i email goodaddy and ask them where the **** is my missing domain and they never email me back
Qpuzzle: shit, i am rof again
Qpuzzle: kidcool are you there?
Qpuzzle: are nyou there?
Qpuzzle: well, good luck on your new rges!
Qpuzzle: regs
kidkooool: thanks!
Qpuzzle: ha, i know what you are after, but i can never what are you gettinge
kidkooool: huh?
Qpuzzle: how its a star!
kidkooool: not sure what you mean
Qpuzzle: what new drops i mean
Qpuzzle: i can never figue out what are you getting in the next rum was what i meant
Qpuzzle: a sextoys site woner told me is so cool if i want to sale it, make sure to let him know first, too bed , that was my tpo for
Qpuzzle: dode, check out to casino5.htm
Qpuzzle: dude i mean
Qpuzzle: kidcool i meabn
kidkooool: nothing there
kidkooool: blank page
Qpuzzle: bs, there is a cool banner
kidkooool: savethechildren banner
Qpuzzle: no, a banner sends you to
kidkooool: cool
Qpuzzle: i look forward that my banner list on top 5 at google in the near future
Qpuzzle: a test so far but i got my own theory
Qpuzzle: i got 200 hits a day from
Qpuzzle: all send to now
Qpuzzle: i got 30 to 100 hits from
Qpuzzle: spam the ses
Qpuzzle: it is fun so far before i got banned from ses
Qpuzzle: check out search for tommys-bookmarks
Qpuzzle: dnf list top 4 position
Qpuzzle: man, tell me that is FUNNY
Qpuzzle:, do you have 20 dn bucks?
Qpuzzle: Thank you! Registration of the domain name is

Qpuzzle: Thank you! Registration of the domain name is

kidkooool: no good
Qpuzzle: shit, i love them no less than my
Qpuzzle: antways, they are my babies of my domain hunting dream
Qpuzzle: do you understand even if you don’t like them at all?
Qpuzzle: every domain name is a baby!, cool baby to the creater of it
Qpuzzle: even stupid or
Qpuzzle: kidkooool: no good, i think you are crazy joe
Qpuzzle: really? why?