turning dreams into glass and virtual concrete

So i feel as though I have a lot of creative and imaginative ideas for sites. Some of them may not be so imaginative and creative, but are by nature “good bets” for success. I could be all wet of course, but let’s just say I have clear visions of these ideas. How does one […]

late night convo with hahajoe

kidkooool: hey joe Qpuzzle: hi cool bro i just get home kidkooool: DUI kidkooool: ? Qpuzzle: no, i walked home kidkooool: cool must have drank though Qpuzzle: got my best ime so far in my life Qpuzzle: and confidently look forward kidkooool: get married? kidkooool: sell toysrsex? kidkooool: or just have a good time Qpuzzle: […]

free domains

here are some of mine. i registered a total of 39 so far. Now hopefully they will work! made.com.kg arcade.com.kg cheats.com.kg emu.com.kg rom.com.kg mp4.com.kg name.com.kg riot.com.kg popular.com.kg gnutella.com.kg dragonballz.com.kg popular.com.kg get.com.kg mandymoore.com.kg starwars2.com.kg playstation3.com.kg fart.com.kg mandymoore.com.kg carmenelectra.com.kg every.com.kg mp3player.com.kg ff.com.kg zelda.com.kg amihotornot.com.kg britneyjeanspears.com.kg toplist.com.kg paytosurf.com.kg kickme.com.kg Edit: I ended up with a total of about […]