late night convo with hahajoe

kidkooool: hey joe Qpuzzle: hi cool bro i just get home kidkooool: DUI kidkooool: ? Qpuzzle: no, i walked home kidkooool: cool must have drank though Qpuzzle: got my best ime so far in my life Qpuzzle: and confidently look forward kidkooool: get married? kidkooool: sell toysrsex? kidkooool: or just have a good time Qpuzzle: […]

Interview With Black Materia part I

I had a brief oppurtunity to interview Black Materia on kids forming global government and a unique subculture at Gamefaqs. What’s unique about the gamefaqs online community is that it was designed unintentionally in a way that created an interesting world simulation, and its just a video game message board! Unfortunately he was only available […]