Interview With Black Materia part I

I had a brief oppurtunity to interview Black Materia on kids forming global government and a unique subculture at Gamefaqs. What’s unique about the gamefaqs online community is that it was designed unintentionally in a way that created an interesting world simulation, and its just a video game message board! Unfortunately
he was only available for a few minutes so i couldn’t discuss everything i wanted to. I’m hoping for a part II.

brandon adamson: what’s happening black materia?
brandon adamson: you got time for an interview?
Gamefaqsbm: Yeah I think
brandon adamson: So how long have you been congregating at gamefaqs
Gamefaqsbm: About one year for about two hours a week
brandon adamson: i’ve been a member of gamefaqs for about a year and find it to be one of the most unique communities
brandon adamson: it’s like a culture, the board wars, armies etc
Gamefaqsbm: Yeah it’s addictive
Gamefaqsbm: It’s because there are so many social boards, and people on usually visit one, meaning there’s like loads of countries expect they are social boards or something
brandon adamson: exactly, it seems like every social board has a couple of popular regulars
brandon adamson: and there are classes too, such as newbie, and n00bs
Gamefaqsbm: Yeah, but occasionaly a n00b comes along and ruins the board. Now, I don’t just mean a n00b ruins it, but sometimes a special n00b ruins it
Gamefaqsbm: You’re basically a vet unless proven otherwise
brandon adamson: I once defended the chrono trigger board from an invasion from xxSpekkioxx along with cronogamer when we were arch enemies at the time.
Gamefaqsbm: Like starting off with an A at school and having to keep it
brandon adamson: do you find it difficult to deal with people in the real world since they don’t have knowledge of gamefaqs culture?
Gamefaqsbm: Not really… I live in the real world more than gamefaqs…
Gamefaqsbm: Gamefaqs is what I do when I’m in the house and there’s nowhere to go
Gamefaqsbm: its not like my life
brandon adamson: but don’t you think there’s a certain bond among gamefaqs members at least, like a secret society?
Gamefaqsbm: Oh yes if you put it that way certainly, but its a completely different league to real life
brandon adamson: so what are the more memorable moments and characters
Gamefaqsbm: Most memorable moment is when I was banned. It started when I was in a faction called the EEA, who went around flaming people and invading boards because we could. We then invaded the PDS, a board with members such as pokemon5000(powerman) and cell block dick (Cell block 6) We were like, we fucking hate you so lets flame them. Wew did, and made them look like idiots, apart from bob who was just a n00b. Then, one of them got really upset cause I called him a “meanie”, so he went to CjayC who then IP banned us. I lost my yemen account, the legendary board invader and my Black Materia account
Gamefaqsbm: Also, the legend topics were always my favorites, which are topics that go up to 500 posts
Gamefaqsbm: The first was how do you unlock lucca, made by the g50
brandon adamson: Right right, you used to seem fascinated with theg50, often copying some of his older topics
Gamefaqsbm: Then came “Ask Black Materia about Chrono trigger” by me
brandon adamson: ask anything about chrono trigger
brandon adamson: right
Gamefaqsbm: Nah I never copied his older joke apart from talking in third person
brandon adamson: you had some run-ins with mech gouki though i remember
brandon adamson: on ff social
Gamefaqsbm: Yeah mech gouki sucked He kept marking my message when I called him a fool