Can Dr. D. Vider Stop the evil Captain Euro ?

“European children are being brain-washed at the tax-payer’s expense, by what could only be decribed as absurd Euro-propaganda. A flood of “teaching aids” — wall-charts, maps, books and brochures — starts influencing them as soon as they start their education.

The Europhiles know from recent elections that the idea of European integration is becoming less and less popular across the EU, but they are determined to fight back. With their catchy comic-book character “Captain Euro”, they are attacking the most vulnerable target — children. Just check out their web-site, Notice the villain in this absurd propaganda is named “Dr D Vider”, and his crime:

“His intention is only too obvious, to divide Europe and create an empire of his own”

or in otherwords withdraw from the EUSSR (European Union of Semi Socialist Republics) and restore national sovereignty

Former Belgian EU Commissioner Willy de Clercq even instructed his propaganda team to “act where resistance is weakest”.

It doesn’t appear to matter that under the 1996 Education Act, it is specifically forbidden to use material on contentious issues that is not objective, impartial and balanced. This EU propaganda campaign is actually illegal.

They repeatedly use the word “Europe” to mean the EU, although the EU is only fifteen countries, while the Council of Europe recognises 43. And they constantly seek to suggest that nations can do nothing by themselves, that the only solutions to problems are European solutions. Their specific objective is to undermine nations’ independence and identity create a new common culture and reduce nationalism and individualism to soccer.”