Coldfront Music Festival

So, Soundwave Music Festival was a clusterfuck. First there was a surprise $10 parking fee, which there was no warning about(when’s the last time you had to pay to park at Big Surf Waterpark?) and you didn’t find out until after waiting forever in a line of cars. Finally, long after it was too late to turn back, you reached a little sign (parking $10.)

It was also rainy and cold as balls the entire time. My socks and shoes were soaking wet from the rain, so I had to purchase a $12 bathtowel from the Big Surf ice cream shop to dry my feet off(i threw my socks away.) Mostly I just stood around with Josh Smusz and Ron DMC playing pocket pool. It was too cold to even hit on girls.

It was freezing the whole night, and I left early. I’ll have another update on the cultural aspects of this festival when I get a chance.