Soundwave Music Festival 2011

Somehow I managed to fall asleep last night leaving the front door wide open. No wonder the rain seemed so loud.

Today is the big day of the Soundwave Music Festival at Big Surf…which would be really amazing except that it’s pouring. However, it’s going to be amazing anyway. There all kinds of DJs and such there that everyone is raving about, but most of whom I’ve never heard of. I confess I don’t really care much for remixes, dubstep or electronic music in general. It does nothing for me. I prefer bards, really. However, Soundwave Music Festival is going to be party central, so I am going. Almost every stylish pretty girl in PHX will be there…so there is ample opportunity for romance to be squandered and depressed about in the near future. Also, the DJs/bands ARE going to be great, even if that genre isn’t my cup of tea.

Also, I have not been to Big Surf since 1995. They always had the best wave pool, because they just had one giant wave that came every few minutes. When we were kids my cousin Justin and I used to rent rafts and ride the wave attempting to crash into people, mainly hot girls. Even though we thought we were badass, we were of course harmless mischief makers and pipsqueaks in reality so nobody ever got too upset.

Hopefully it will stop raining by 4 p.m. when this thing starts, cause I was planning on getting a nice sunburn to help stave off my self diagnosed vitamin d deficiency and adult onset of rickets. JK. The sun does have some antibacterial an anti-fungal properties though which could be beneficial though.

Who loves the sun….bah bah bah bah not just anyone.

UPDATE: I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. It stopped raining and the sun is out now.