eFront icq logs at the forefront of emedia


wow i just read through those icq logs.
They are definitely real. Efront must be
shocked to have been exposed in that way.
Any webmaster who doesn’t despise them after
reading that i feel sorry for. Though i suppose many webmasters don’t want to admit they got ripped off(not good for the ego)…

the guy from kebie said he would post a mirror of it somewhere, so at least he still has it on his computer. did you read those logs? this has got to be one of the greatest
stories in the history of the net ad industry.

wow this is realy getting big now. http://web.archive.org/web/20010312011208/http://www.lumthemad.net/news/1798.php
i’m thinking of putting a story together for slashdot. Would anyone like to help?
…just got an email from kebie. He’s making another page in the morning

UPDATE 3/9/01 :

this story really blew up today.
its being talked about on nearly every
now all the efront site owners are being denied access to admin their sites. Efront
is doing everything they can for damage control, but it’s too late….

The bird has flown

UPDATE 3/10/01

hey, we made the front page at slashdot!
I didn’t submit anything, but it looks like
some others had the same idea…
None of the 200 efront sites are responding
now. Either the traffic from slashdot totally
killed them, or they just decided to pull the plug.

Either way, looks like they are finished.
The kebie.com guy is really the hero
in this story. He had nothing to gain really
except the satisfaction of bringing them down and making the truth known.

Hopefully, the webmasters will get their sites back as a result of this.

Geekvillage removed the thread.
Yeah, that’s pretty normal for over there
at geekvillage(myself being a banned member)
This is by far one of the biggest stories in the history of net advertising, i think its worth discussing.
Anyway, fc has a new feature as of a couple of hours ago.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next developments
as this thing gets bigger by the day.

the urls of pages with reference to this situation have been growing by the dozens.

UPDATE 3/11/2001

Yeah, supposedly some news wires are going to be picking this thing up sometime today.
Anyway you look at it, i can’t imagine efront
being able to come out of this now.

I mean what adverisers in their right mind
would do business with them now?
Efront is finished, it is only a matter
of “to what extent they will be sued/prosecuted”.

UPDATE 3/12/2001

I lived in
socal last year…starting to miss it

Efront appears to have been reduced to showing casino ads. I wonder if many adverisers pulled their campaigns. I bet a lot of them don’t even know about this.

If efront does go down it should boost cpm levels slightly (temporarily) since they supposedly serve about 350 million pageviews.

That is why you’re not supposed to discuss such important matters over icq. Besides,
the benefit of these being made public far outweighs any negative impact.
If anything the webmaster from avfind will gain some interest for his software by all the free publicity.

for some people the truth is more important. Many of the great cover ups
over the years have been exposed illegaly.
All he had to do was turn off open file sharing. It may have been illegal, but just because something is illegal does not make it wrong. Sure i would not like it if it were me, but if you have something to hide in your icq logs… it does mention in the agreement not to discuss anything you want
to be kept private.
basically all i’m saying is this is a form
of vigilante justice.

in my opinion, justified (with the benefit of hindsight)

there will be more like efront, but at least
WE’LL be ready….