forget advertising

Well we really shoudn’t just forget advertising, but i think it should only supplement other forms of income from our websites. The fact is that a site will soon no longer be able to survive relying on
paid advertising alone(if they can now).

I think people need to stop focusing on what pitiful cpm they are getting this week and start focusing on other ways of making money.

I’m not just talking in terms of subscription models or micropayments necessarily, but perhaps new (unidentified?)

I know some sites say they HAVE to rely on
advertising to survive. What does that tell you about the hold advertisers currently have on webmasters. Those types of sites will not survive. Only sites willing to pioneer new methods(or perhaps very old?) of extracting income from their traffic.

In my opinion cpms will never go back up significantly. It’s time for people to get creative and have a plan, and i don’t mean a barrage of popups and flash ads either, i’m talking about selling your own product service whatever.

If a site can’t do that than does it really offer anything worth saving? or does it just repackage the talent of others?

I also use advertising, but realizing its time for us to move on and control our own destiny.

In my post i did not wish to imply i had the answers.

The only answer i have is that if you are going to be successful in the future, than you must offer something which viewers could not get anywhere else because sooner or later
people will no longer be able to favorably monetize traffic using advertising alone whether it be cpm cpc cpa or whatever.

I do not have the answer as to how this can be accomplished. I have run dozens of sites in the past making money the old way,(in reference to the internet timeline of course)
and i’m looking to pioneer new territory as i think we all should.