I signed up for a spaceports account, and ftpd about 500
pages to the server. Then i realized the site had popups
in addition to the banners on the page. Also, if you type in the incorrect url they spawn about 7 windows, and its nearly impossible to close them.

This is a shame, because they have fast servers, and fast ftp. Its a shame they’re ruining their service with all the popups.

Also the login page at does not work.
(At least it wasn’t yesterday)

Yes i understand of course it costs a lot of money. Then they should stop paying people the 10 cents a click. Also, the sites i’ve visited have popups even if they
have the banner. Not only that, but for a new site it’s impossible to login to to get the code
to put the banners on your pages. So you are stuck with the popup. I wouldn’t even mind a popup, if it was just your standard banner popup. The point is that they’re killing the service

Considering that hardly anyone pays
10 cent a click anymore, i doubt that’s very profitable for them especially if they have to payback some to their users. Also, by people clicking on their own banners, advertisers
will see less of a return on their investments, (because site owners will be clicking to the site and not buying anything) which will lead to less advertisers