Hard Reset

So, it looks like 2015 is back in a bleak way, without all the illusory momentum, naive optimism, sprouting organizational seedlings and the relative openness of the wild west social media frontier. In terms of influence, in those days we were “punching above our weight” (as Spencer used to say) without realizing that we were probably getting a little help from our false friends. Say what you will about “optics,” but the most outrageous fascist and ancient Roman larping (even to the extent it was fake/orchestrated) was far superior to the “chungus” and Spongebob “rape groyper” garbage that took its place. Just absolute bottom of the barrel.

Though current events have encouraged an ecosystem where the sentiments of 2015 are ripe for resurgence, their expression in the current climate now result in real life consequences that go far beyond merely having one’s Twitter account suspended. Even simply refusing to give an opinion on Black Lives Matter can cost you your job and lead to social ostracization. Corporations will force you to parrot these cult-like beliefs, which have been retroactively shoehorned into your job description, and there is nothing you can do about it.

There is no effective institutional representation anywhere to be found for those who favor order, intellectual freedom and civilized society. Even the apolitical have no refuge. If you’re white (or a non-white individual who isn’t openly hostile to white people) there are no prominent politicians even willing to entertain the idea of representing your interests. None. There are no corporations you can work for anywhere in America where you won’t be immediately fired for uttering an unapproved opinion, even when you’re on your own time. All it takes is one person to complain.

There are no real organizations you can join in order to collectively organize any kind of pushback. The few groups which do offer some kind of token resistance, such as American Identity Movement and Patriot Front, are crawling with agents and saboteurs from top to bottom. Same goes for the intellectual circles in all adjacent dissident factions. We have no actionable pathway towards any physical manifestation of our ideals. If people understood the degree to which bad actors and shill accounts have been operating among us for, they’d realize just how pathetically small the genuine nationalist community actually is. It has a built in ceiling through widespread infiltration, which is set to be activated the moment our ideas begin to gain any substantial traction with the general public. Comically, most people remain completely oblivious to this as they continue to parse incomplete equations and proffer ice cold, organic-based explanations for “what went wrong.”

The often touted prospects of a “red-brown” alliance have also proved to be a mirage, as the vast majority of so-called “post-woke” or “anti-woke” leftists have revealed themselves to be complete phonies. These are people who uncritically accept the system-approved narrative of “white privilege” and buy into the entire employer-enforced, ethnomasochistic framework we have to suffer through. All that distinguishes them from other leftists is their occasional willingness to criticize “cancel culture,” Tumblr-tier gender insanity and the fact that they like to use words like “gay” and “retarded.” When the rubber hit the road, almost all of them were falling all over themselves to support the mythological claims of Black Lives Matter and pay reverence to the black cube. To the extent they offered any criticism at all, it was to lament that the virtue signaling was superficial and two-dimensional (posting the black square) and didn’t contribute anything substantively to the struggle of the black community.

In terms of outliers, people like Aimee Terese can talk until they’re blue in the face about how all this racial division is the result of “big capital” pitting us against one another. It’s just not true. “Big capital” ultimately wants to transform everyone into a class of identityless consumers. For the most part, corporations only support woke politics as a “ransom payment” to the mob, because they fear than failing to do so could result in a public relations disaster which would negatively impact their bottom line. The problem with promoting class reductionism is that it requires you to ignore the fact that non-whites simply aren’t interested (and openly say so). There’s no reciprocity. RedScare types advocate prioritizing class consciousness over racial solidarity to an almost exclusively white (deracinated) audience. Meanwhile, blacks and other groups explicitly and unapologetically act in their own racial interests. Convince non-whites first, then we’ll talk. Hint: you can’t.

So where does all this leave us?

A planet where apes evolved from man? There’s got to be an answer!” a teeth clenched Charlton Heston pondered in the original 1968 version of Planet of the Apes. Fast forward fifty years, and we’re getting closer to knowing that answer. As it turns out, it most likely won’t be the much anticipated (at that time) round of US and Soviet mutually assured destruction or a young Matthew Broderick playing Globalthermonuclearwar games with a NORAD supercomputer gone haywire. Rather, it’s the one-two punch of multicultural idiocracy and anarcho-tyranny that will have pulverized civilization. Worse than a failed state or crater laden, post-apocalyptic desert wasteland, the US has become an insane asylum. Yes, we’re living in an insane asylum.

The democrats have gone “all in” on Clown World, and whatever token resistance the republicans seem willing to muster is pathetically framed in such a way that it merely reinforces the ethos of the left. The GOP must be replaced. What we need is just a generic “Nationalist” party. No fancy names or 25 point laundry list of detailed policies. That’s it, just the Nationalist Party. In the past, people always tried to use these clever and cheesy euphemistic names like “American Freedom Party.” The Nationalist Party is all you need. It’s easy enough for people to understand and broad enough to avoid being relegated to some obscure esoteric niche.

To those who might question the viability of a new party, I would say this: Post-Trump, the republicans will attempt to revert to their pre-Trump form and write the whole experiment off as a mistake. That will destroy the republican party, because the trajectory of events necessitates a robust opposition rather than a submissive one. Forming a Nationalist party gives people something tangible to gravitate toward. The time is now. Our online media is pretty much as strong as the GOP’s (with the exception of Fox News). Outlets like National Review and The Weekly Standard do not have the influence they once had, especially among younger people who have no interest in these publications at all. Even with the United States’ demographic nightmare, I think Nationalism is possible, even if the US cannot be salvaged in its territorial entirety. If nothing else, a nationalist party offers us an organizational framework from which to build upon. The US is headed on a path toward unsustainable governance. The ship is going down. A party offers us the ability to create a beachhead and work to position ourselves to fill any emerging voids as the country disintegrates into fortified, self-contained enclaves and zones.

There are some who prefer to pursue a strategy of infiltrating the GOP and transforming it into a nationalist oriented party. Rather than cynically criticize or “counter-signal” this idea, I’m just going to tell you to go for it. Any reasonably polished nationalist over the age of 25 should run for congress. The republican party is currently comprised of such clueless and weak representation that getting even a single genuine American Nationalist elected to congress could be a game changer. Any candidates which somehow do manage to win (and there are districts where we can win with these ideas) would be elevated to national prominence and become political stars overnight. This development could serve as a catalyst for achieving the desired transformative effect. Who knows? The feds may even help you win, since they are probably desperate for a youthful gang of right wing demagogues as a counter-balance to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The Squad. So let’s give them some.

Perhaps people should considering joining groups like AIM (or whatever fraternal organizations they can). If we are able to set aside—even temporarily—the factional feuds and personal rivalries that have come to define the tattered remnants of our movement, perhaps the accumulating field of nationalistic energy and passion can materialize into an unstoppable force that transcends the mechanisms that have kept us in check for so long. We can finally break the seal of “controlled” opposition. As our corporate and state sponsored barbaric adversaries continue to ratchet up the level of pressure and aggressively overplay their hand, the patience of civilized Americans is being tested like never before. Our handlers can’t keep the lid on this Pandora’s Box forever. It’s being opened, one way or the other.