Has Obama gone neocon?

Being slightly facetious with that title but seriously…Why are our leaders publicly pontificating on the internal politics of Egypt and calling on Mubarak to do this and that? As far as I’m concerned, it’s none of our business. Let them sort it all out themselves. What the president should have said is “We are watching the developments in Egypt very closely, but it’s not really for me to tell another leader what he should and shouldn’t do. I don’t want to be seen as trying to influence the outcome. Obviously Egypt has generally been a reliable partner of the United States and we expect that relationship will continue regardless of how the situation unfolds.”

Instead he goes about lecturing and publicly chastising Mubarak while at the same time Biden is saying Mubarak is no dictator and he shouldn’t step down.

Don’t they realize we can’t win by getting involved no matter how many sides we take? We’ll get blamed no matter what the outcome. One of the only supposed good things to look forward to in an Obama presidency was the prospect that he might rollback our massive military presence around the world and stop interfering in all these ragtag foreign countries and banana republics. Well, we now see that he has no plans to do that, and he merely has a slightly different, yet equally incoherent approach to his interference and hegemony. Whereby Bush was all bombs and swagger, Obama is a pompous lecturer, sanctimonious globalist and military meddler.

It’s time to look closer to home (and has been for quite some time.)