Beyond the Sea

Sea Creatures by Brandon Adamson

Remember where the seeds used to be
trees used to be
she used to be
right over there
once i loved a sea creature
now I just see creatures
see creatures

Talked to my ex girlfriend for a while on the phone yesterday. No we’re not getting back together or anything twinsane like that(although I do miss her ever-reliability and unwillingness to ever venture to flaketown.) We chat every now and then to catch up. She says she’s taking scuba diving lessons. I love the ocean, but man is it scary. It’s dark, deep, and there are ginormous Leviathanesque beasts lurking about in there. I remember when I was a kid I must have seen Jaws about 8 million times (Jaws I, II and III.) Jaws IV I saw in the theater, but that one is wacky and sucks. Anyhow, when I used to play in our swimming pool, I would pretend there were sharks in there, and I was so good at it, that I really did believe it and get genuinely scared sometimes. I would haul ass and swim to the side of the pool or climb onto a puny lifeboat raft for safety. And like every other sadistic child of the 1980’s, whenever my family took us to some sort of body of water, the first question was “Are there sharks in here?”

Sometimes when I’m bored, I go on the Shark Research Committee’s website where they log shark sightings on the Pacific Coast. For one thing, I’m always surprised how many of them there are, but even more shocked by how often people see sharks and just keep surfing or doing what they’re doing… “We witnessed what appeared to be a couple of great whites about 20-30 yards from where we were surfing. The sharks were behaving in an aggressive manner. We continued surfing for another 2 hours or so.” Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m doing anything in the ocean and I see large sharks in the immediate vicinity, I’ve gotta say that I’m outta there and headed back toward shore with the quickness. See you at the snack bar.