The Friends Route

List of things to do with imaginary friend for the remainder of the summer:

swing on swings in parks
go to the botanical garden
a day at the zoo
hang out in the aftermath of a monsoon storm
get an inflatable boat and row out to the middle of a corporate pond
trip to flagstaff
take the elevator to the top floor of a building for no reason
buy a new ouija board
play chutes and ladders
take a cab to the airport and fly to los angeles for a weekend
a date at the malt shop (2 straws)
go fishing
watch Back to the Future trilogy
drink wine at postino
have a barrel of fun at Rawhide western theme park
go bowling (preferably not on club night)
see a movie at the Camelview 5
lie around and listen to records(or cds) in my living room
trip to San Diego, La Jolla
shopping at the mall and not buying anything
cook a lavish dinner
watch the sunrise from a unique vantage point
sing along to songs on the radio
hang out at the park in downtown scottsdale and watch the ducks and the swans
share inside jokes
laugh as new inside jokes materialize