rectangles and clouds

It was a beautiful overcast for much of the day, complete with a juicy humidity. These days are few and far between in the land of Phoenicia and thus are much appreciated. I spent much of the afternoon painting a 30×40 canvas while watching “Caprice” on dvd. I can’t decide if I’m happy with it or if I still need to something. It looks somewhat empty…but then I like empty, modern paintings. I always hate when you see a nice mod painting, and the person has added on some sort of paper mache lettering or figurines to it.

Last night I went out but it wasn’t all that memorable. Just hung out with Jonathan and Bill(switching off of course.) Jonathan was helping some broad he was hanging out with try to come up with ideas for theme parties. My only good idea was that someone should have a civil war theme party, and you could dress up like union and confederate soldiers or slaves or even Abe Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Harriet Tubman etc

One thing that I was reminded of by my other entry regarding the glow in the dark oujia board is when I was a kid, my mom and I used to use it pretty frequently by ourselves in our big old house which was built in 1896(kinda weird I know.) Anyway,
the Ouija board said she was going to die of colon cancer at age 46, and this was very traumatizing for me. I remember being so sad, and when we went to see Fletch Lives and then Beaches in the movie theater on the same day I was depressed for the duration of both films(Beaches especially obviously.) So we had these long Ouija board sessions, and I believed they were real. Years later my mom revealed me she had been moving it the whole time….which then led me to wonder why she would move it so as to have it say such horrific and emotionally distressing things to her young child…hmmm. Pretty creepy either way.