“ivana hump ivana trump”

Saturday Rick Bahto picked me up from the airport, and we went to eat at LGO where I had the “a mushroom party” pizza which was damn good. Let me just say that there are serious beauties that work there including a girl who looks like an Egyptian princess. While we were there a song came on from the game, “Little Big Planet,” a game which Rick loves but which gives me motion sickness like most modern games.

Rick had his big film screening that night which ended up being a smashing success. I believe he showed a total of six of his films. Tons of people showed up for the event, very few of which we knew. Every time Rick comes back to Phoenix he is a little bit more well known and has become something of a legend around town. Phoenix has many legends. Some here are legendary just for sleeping around with a lot of babes( various tainted Tempe dudes), others are celebrity bums(the black guy who sells his poems on the street) still others notorious for establishing successful hip dj nights, creepy artists who hang around the mall pacing and daydreaming, but Rick Bahto has achieved his success the old fashioned way…accumulating credentials through quantifiable artistic accomplishments.