you say sabotäge, I say sabotage

Went to the Phoenix Science Center
today to see the big Star Trek exhibit.
It’s funny, for all the things I love about the 60’s, I’ve never been into Star Trek. I mean, I liked the original show and everything( as a kid I used to watch the reruns after school on channel 18), and William Shatner is a hero and all but I guess it sort of got overdone with the zillion spinoffs and everything. They really beat it into the ground, and with those conventions it’s like it’s too nerdy even for me. So it’s as if it’s not even really associated with 60’s culture at this point…more like 90’s culture.

Also while there we did the normal science center stuff and went to the IMAX and saw “Greece: Secrets of the Past,” which was pretty interesting but l can’t think of anything noteworthy to write about it.


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