The Rats of Nationalism

A speculative odyssey into the challenges contemporary political dissidents face from subversive infiltration and psychological manipulation on social media. Though primaily focused on the nationalist community, the ideas and revelations dealt with in this book should be of interest to authentic activists from any corner of the political compass. Available HERE

Skytrain to Nowhere

Available in Paperback here and eBook (pdf) here Skytrain to Nowhere is an imagination driven and esoteric volume of free-form poetry. The book documents the author’s experiences, thoughts and observations while riding the skytrain at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport over the period of several weeks. Since the skytrain is only designed to transport travelers […]

A Continual Interest in the Sun and Sea

“I was a gull once way back then way back when and if I hadn’t much to do now I’d be that again.” -Keith Gunderson from “A Continual Interest in the Sun and Sea” Looking around at all the neat stuff today that goes unappreciated, while the most uninteresting and uninspiring works get hailed as […]