Block and Awe – Clearing Out the Riff Raff

Though I don’t typically block people I debate or argue with on Twitter, I have recently arrived at the realization that there are so many accounts out there whose content I could do without ever seeing again. I don’t have a lot of patience for fools or pests, and I get tired of seeing certain people or account types pop up on the timeline again again. Some of these accounts are transparently subversive, while others are just moronic. Basically, I’m in the process of mass-blocking accounts. I’m not using blocklists or anything like that, just the good old fashioned eyeball technique. Basically, I take a brief look at an account, and if I think it looks stupid or annoying, I block it. I could simply mute these types of accounts, which is what I’ve done in the past, but I want maximum separation.

Don’t worry though. Current mutuals and (most) followers (including low-follower fed accounts) will be exempted from this policy as long as they just lurk and don’t provoke me too much. Some accounts will remain unblocked just for monitoring purposes.

Current blocking criteria:

– people who use idiotic BAP lingo like “fizeek”
– people who reference Weihan Wang phrases like “I am not allow”
– edgy post-AltRight joke/irony accounts with usernames that feature some combination of words like “cum, rape, rapist, sniffer, hog, gamer, cock, piss, coomer, simp, vril, respecter,” etc.
– weirdtwitter/funposting accounts
– accounts that “ironically” identify as feds or honeypots in their handles, bios or usernames
– accounts with anime avatars (except those I’ve been engaging with for years)
– users located in Brooklyn or who think Brooklyn is a cool place or exhibit an excessive interest in “anti-woke” podcasts and adjacent system-approved subcultures.
– the overlapping right wing/left wing irony accounts
– accounts that present as trad or prudish, harp about older men dating young adult women..etc
– annoying Christian or “catholic” branded accounts (not people who are merely Christian but who are obnoxious and preachy about it…we all know the type)
– accounts that complain about modernism, modern art, modern architecture or “modernity” and who frequently misuse these terms
– people who promote alex jones unironically (or ironically for that matter)
– “posting their Ls” accounts or similar gimmick accounts
– groyper accounts
– anti-microwave accounts
– people who say “fren” or “frens”
– accounts with “pilled” in the username
– accounts that farm content (especially my content)
– accounts that mirror content for the purpose of establishing rapport/influence
– accounts that use Leonardo Dicaprio or “monke” imagery
– accounts that make Weezer/Pinkerton references
– contrarian “bro science” accounts that offer idiotic medical and nutritional advice
– people who unwittingly make their enemies sound cool by calling them “literal demons, (etc).”
– people who (either intentionally or obliviously) amplify and promote goofy content from obvious infiltrators like PD
– people’s content revolves around the latest 4Chan memes
– people who promote nutty conspiracies like “flat earth,” “QAnon,” “pizzagate” etc.
– artificially boosted far right influencer accounts (unless I just decide I like the person anyway).
– people who “ironically” identify as active shooters or promote violence (whether jokingly or not)
– accounts who are affiliated with or promote the “fediverse” aka POA.ST.
– accounts whose online personas and identities are entirely constructed around trending meme lingo. (such types are either subversive infiltrators, bots, or just have suggestible personalities that are easily influenced).
– people who frequently scapegoat the abstract bogeyman of “the elites” and claim that divisions, conflicts and differences between human groups are primarily artificially induced rather than the result lived experience, observable behavior and substantive qualities.
– recently created accounts that aren’t respawns of people I already know

Nothing personal against anyone who falls into the above categories. I’m just not interested, thanks.