Vietnam Style Flashbacks

Sooooo, many years ago I was getting a lap dance at “the body shop” in Los Angeles, and the stripper told me I reminded her of the guy from American Psycho(not Christian Bale the actor but the actual character from the story.) Years later, I randomly ran into this same girl in Tempe and recognized her(I never forget a face even a stripper one.) She invited me to her apartment, and we were sitting on her couch. She asked me if she could slap me in the face really hard and told me it would turn her on. So I was like “sure why not I’m down to experiment.” She hit me pretty hard like fight club almost and the left side of my face stung so bad. It did absolutely nothing for me sexually so I guess I’m not one of those masochist guys or anything. Maybe it would have been different if I was more attracted to the girl and there was some passion but this chick had some rough miles on her. Then one time even later I was with my girlfriend at target and I saw this girl there in the dresses section. We didn’t even acknowledge each other(my jealous gf at the time would have thrown a fit) despite our long history. Anyway I’m not sure why I thought of this bizarre story just now but it is 100% true.

In fact, I vaguely wrote about it at least once or twice before in 2005:

I wonder what the hell happened to her.