Shady Tree and His Acorns

Thursday night JS played a show with Super Stereo at School of Rock on Mill…you know that place that used to be Club 411 back in the day. It’s still wack after all these years, but what would you expect it’s mill ave. Why anyone would name a bar after a kids comedy movie in a non-ironic way is beyond me. What next? A nightclub called “Shrek 2?”

Afterwards it was off to C.M. on an off chance I ran into a girl I knew who was in town for a few days and so we hung out. Some random dude just came up and sat with us, he was trying to sell us weed, but we ended up just smoking a jay with him right there at the table. It’s always weird when you see someone when you thought the odds you’d ever actually hang out with them or run into them again would be super low(moved to another city, practically married, barely any mutual connections.) It just shows that you should never write off potential friends.

Luck is a unique odds phenomenon, which unpredictably appears and predictably runs out.