night halloween

So glad halloween is over. I hate halloween, everyone in their dumb costumes.

But what about the opportunities you say?

What opportunities? The opportunity to have hyper extroverted people all “in character” and annoying the crap out of me even more than usual. Anyway, I can go buck wild whenever I want, preferably after a few drinks and on the dance floor with some random hoes. I don’t need to schedule a holiday for it. Also, it blows how on halloween you think you see all these new hot girls out, but then they turn out to be the same broads you already know. You just don’t recognize them at first cause they are in their slutty costumes, which tend to consist mainly of lingerie and animal ears.

I don’t believe I’ve dressed up for halloween since about 1990, unless you count 2007 when I was hanging out with my ex Shannon and I borrowed a costume from my old roommate so we could all go to Casey Moore’s, but instead she and I were too drunk and ended up passing out. I almost burned the place down by leaving the stove on, and she somehow fell in the bathroom and got a stage 2 concussion. I was worried about her and felt terrible the next couple days that I hadn’t looked out for her.

Anyway, on Halloween 2010 Jonathan Sakas and Justin and I went to Cheap Thrills at Brick. We didn’t get rolling until about 1:00 AM so when we got there things seemed to be already fading out. JS was dressed as a skeleton a la William Zabka from Karate Kid, and Justin seemed to be wearing a puffy vest with no shirt on…which I think is just his normal attire. We tried to go to a strip club afterwards, but they were all closed.