Las Vegas, loner style

I stayed at The Orleans, a New Orleans themed hotel, which contained Mardi Gras decor, a French Market Buffet, voodoo, and giant floating heads. This one reminded me of the dude from The Land of FarAway Anyone for some “bread that cures all hunger?”

The Excalibur, which resembles a ginormous version of “Castles and Coasters” is one of my favorite places and features a “Sword in the Stone Bar.”

The view from my hotel room on the 16th floor, which due to my fear of heights left me with the the constant sensation of “ball tingle” whenever I was up there/

New York, New York, Las Vegas, the only New York I will ever like. No annoying east coast accents to be found here!

I did not attend this, but my ex was a fan of this Holly Madison babe so I took a picture of this.

I was there on business, so I mostly had to stay at my hotel where the event was being hosted. I took a lot more photos including ones of some “The Monkees” slot machines at the Venetian(wtf?) but I must have re-rased them at some point.

It was hot as fuck outside, hotter than Phoenix even. Still I walked the entire length of the strip, sweating balls the whole way and getting sunburnt the whole way. I wandered into every Casino until I finally made it to the Stripburger, a place I eat whenever I go to Las Vegas. I had a hamburger, sweet potato fries and a chocolate fudge shake.

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