beneath the extended para-para-parasol!

So I’m almost all moved in to my new place. Though all I have is a bed, a television, and that orange end table that Brandie gave me, nearly 6 years ago. I do love that table so, but have never been able to find matching ones. It’s weird how over the years, every person that you get involved with, you sort of pick up something from them. Not always tangible items like tables or belongings left behind after stormy altercations and subsequent stormouts(in the case of Shannon it was a million notes that she had left as well as items she purchased for me during holidays.) But basically, you just take on some new interest or something based on a niche you’re exposed to. It sort of forces you to broaden and give things a chance you wouldn’t normally care/know about. Even if you only hang with them for a few days, or sometimes only a single date.

I remember Brandie was really into old school anime, which I had almost no interest in before I met her. Of course I had seen things like Ninja Scroll etc, but was never into them. Anime always seemed way too pervy. Like there was always some kind of robot rape, or some out of place incestuous undertones. Anyway, she got me into Urusei Yatsura which i ended up falling in love with, as well as the Neongenesis Evangelion series. After we broke up I ended up buying one Ranma 1/2 season 4 vhs tape from Bookman’s. And anyways, right after that I brought some girl home that I met at a Tempe party(this is like circa april 2005.) On our way, we stopped at Filiberto’s. This girl probably thought we were going to just get high or something, and that I would maybe try to bone down with her. Anyhow, instead of all that, I just popped in the Ranma video, which actually was a bizarre, really funny episode. It was called “Headmaster from Hell,” and basically the plot is that their principal returns from a trip to Hawaii, and when he comes back he acts and talks all “Hawaiian.” (WTF?)…Though his accent sounded more Jamaican to me, but what do I know. Anyway the girl I had over thought this was the lamest thing ever, and couldn’t wait to leave. You could tell she was about to tell all her friends she just hung out with the biggest dork who made her sit and watch anime. Ah well. I didn’t even get to hang out with her long enough to discover what her interests were, outside of Filiberto’s Arizona burrito(yes i really can remember what she ordered) and late night excursions with random dudes.